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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK E1


As a solution provider, E1 DYNAMICS incorporates one or more of these options to meet your needs and to achieve an efficient and reliable overall system design and power supply.

Design options:

  • Electrical system configuration integration
  • Engineering On-site Analysis
  • Room Layout Design Assistance
  • Modular Enclosure Design


System options:

  • Diagnostic Panel (to obtain total system overview, especially for multiple-unit configuration )
  • Drop-over Canopy (to reduce indoor noise)
  • Auto-greasing of bearings - standard supply for the NO-BREAK E1
  • Continuous system vibration monitoring - standard supply for the NO-BREAK E1
  • Power quality monitoring - available through integrated switchgear designs
  • Automatic lubricant refill for the diesel engines
  • Extended Warranties & Maintenance Contracts
  • Spare-parts